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Hi-Velocity Sewer Cleaning
Roto-Rooter is the Original Drain Cleaning Company. There is no other Plumbing Company that has over 80 years of research and technology devoted to unclogging drains.

Our Technicians are thoroughly trained to operate the Roto-Rooter designed Sewer Cleaning machines and our machines are equipped with Steel blades that clean the ENTIRE pipe. By the entire pipe I mean a Razor Sharp horseshoe shaped blade expands to the circumference of your pipe and literally cuts away any roots or debris in its path.

High Pressure Cleaning
High pressure cleaning is mostly for large sewer mains 6" in diameter and larger, but it is also available for cleaning lines as small as 3" in diameter.

The equipment we employ is more powerful than the standard jet-trailers used by some companies. Our system is mounted on a Commercial sized vehicle with a 1500gal water capacity tank, 500' of hose, and a pump that pushes up to 2700 psi of pressure. Our system is capable of cleaning up to 18" diameter pipes and larger with simple attachments

Storm Drains
Storm drains are treated exactly as your sanitary sewer drains. They are cleaned using either our High Velocity Drain cleaning machines or our High Pressure Cleaning system. The type of cleaning is job specific. If it is for a residence, then typically the High Velocity Machine is used and for Man Holes and Large Diameter Storm Water Piping, we use the High Pressure Cleaning Equipment.

Our Storm Drain Cleaning is not just limited to piping systems. We also clean Holding Ponds, French Drains, and Gutter Drains piping.

Video Inspections
As they say, "The Camera does not lie"!

Video inspections are very helpful to diagnose the exact problems with a drainage system. It shows a clear picture of whatever the cause of the blockage and can determine exactly which direction the drain line goes and where the problem is located. From that information, a proper course of action can be taken to repair the problem.

The video inspection systems can also be a preventive maintenance tool. A highly recommended service for all new home buyers.

Pool Skimmers
Pool Skimmer drains can be a very sensitive drain to clean. We take special care to remove the collected leaves, pine straw, yard debris, and trash that causes these lines to stop up.

Dryer Vents
Dryer vents are another system we are experienced in cleaning. Like pool skimmer drains they require special attention when cleaning. Our Technicians work delicately when removing the built up lint and trash.

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